Backflow Prevention

Get Backflow Prevention in Caloundra

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Thermostatic Mixing Valves

If your shower or bath outlets starts gushing scalding water, you may have an issue with your thermostatic mixing valve. We can repair it right away so you can have a safe and comfortable blend of hot and cold water.
Installing Backflow Prevention Devices

To ensure that contaminated or polluted water doesn’t enter council infrastructure and water mains, we can install a backflow prevention device to your home external tap.
Compliance and Audits

Audits require that your backflow prevention device be serviced and tested every 12 months and complies with standards to keep contaminated water or chemicals from entering into any public water systems in the case of an unexpected drop in water pressure and cross connections. All of the devices that we install are high-quality and reliable enough to keep our community’s water clean.

Our specially trained and qualified staff is fully insured and licensed 

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